Karimabadis | Monthly Special



Mini Sessions

We are now offering limited number of mini sessions, so you can save your memories for generations to come for reasons such as: First Day of School, World Kindness Day, National Honey Month, Every Holiday with no exception, and last but not least: NRW (No Reason Whatsoever)!

- Each session is half an hour long.

- You get your 6 favorite shots digitally.

Unlike most mini sessions which are offered on a specific date and place set by photographers and are open to public on a drop by basis, at Karimabadis:

1- You set the date and time.
2- You choose your location*.
3- Artistic fees are included.


299.99**  per mini-session. This includes your mini-session fee, artistic fee and 6 digital photo files of your choice.


* Based on your project we can help you pick up a location as well.

** Santa Clara & Shasta County residents only. for other nearby locations in the Bay Area and Northern California, contact us at 408.768.7633.